Hangover Remedies That Work

Is your head pounding? Your mouth dry? Feel drained and dehydrated? Ah, the hangover. Now, I know you’ve heard that a giant greasy breakfast will cure the above complaints (something about soaking up the alcohol), or that if you down even more drinks you’ll feel better. But why add insult to injury. There’s no “cure” for a hangover, but there are healthy remedies that’ll keep you from skipping your workout today. Here they are…

That’s right, good old H20 can do a hangover good. All that alcohol acts as a diuretic (that’s why you pee so much), leaving you feeling high and dry and even headachy. Guzzle water to replenish lost fluids and you just might add some spring to your step.

Coconut water

Full of nutrients and potassium, coconut water is a healthier, more natural version of an electrolyte-packed sports drink —and it’s a super-duper way to rehydrate. My favorite: Navitas Naturals Coconut Water Powder.

You lose nutrients when you have a few too many… replace ’em with a multi-vitamin. B vitamins especially have been spotlighted for their hangover-curing powers. Other experts say effervescent vitamin supplements like Emergen-C are effective.

Turns out the “sweat it out” theory has no merit, but there are bonuses to exercising when trying to exercise a hangover. Working out releases feel-good endorphins which can pump your mood and increase energy. Just remember to keep hydrated.

I recently read a New York Times article singing the praises of yoga after a night of debauchery. Here’s why it works: Yoga reduces stress and makes us feel good. Plus, twisting poses help “ring out” organs to allow fresh oxygenated blood.


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