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Besides the motivational environment and the extremely kind employees, one of my favorite aspects of working out at Mountainside Fitness is the awesome M Café. Not only does the M Café provide you with all the nutrients you need to power through a workout, it is filled with nutritious snacks and refreshing beverages to carry you throughout the rest of your busy day.

M Café carries Tazo Tea in a variety of flavors, including; wild Sweet Orange, Calm, Refresh, Awake, Earl Grey, Organic Chai and Lotus as well as Seattle’s Best Coffee. Whether you want to get hydrated or caffeinated look no further than M Café at Mountainside Fitness for all your drink needs.

My absolute favorite thing to get after a hard workout is the Burner. It is filled with protein, chromium and pyruvate to keep your metabolism going strong while refueling your body at the same time. I love mixing the chocolate protein, one tablespoon of peanut butter, banana, almond milk and ice to make my ideal smoothie. If you are looking to bulk up try the Builder with protein, glutamine and Creatine. These protein smoothies are not only healthy they are completely customizable to your needs and tastes. Plus how can you pass up something delicious and good for you? And I can’t forget about the kiddos! Get your child a healthy and tasty kid size smoothie after picking them up from M Kids. Kids drinks are only $1.50!

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Do your body a favor and make sure to stop by the M Café next time you work out at Mountainside Fitness. I know I will!

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