Five Things to Expect at a Yoga Class for a Yoga Newbie

460388673 When one goes to a first yoga class, one often does not know what to expect.  Some may have the misconception that yoga is easy and sweat free.  However, there is a lot more to yoga than the well-known downward facing dog.  From meditation to strength building, there is a reason yoga is such a popular form of exercise.

After observing the yoga classes at Mountainside Fitness and what they have to offer, AZ Foothills has come up with five things to expect to see at a yoga class.  Whether you’re looking for a simple yoga class or power yoga, all Mountainside Fitness locations throughout the Valley have some of the best instructors out there, making whatever yoga class you attend relaxing, fun and beneficial.  Featured below are five things to expect at your first yoga class for the new yogi.

1.  Shavasana

The relaxing side of yoga is certainly not a myth!  In a good yoga class, each class is ended with a meditative nap.  This is a good time to wind down at the end of a hard work day! 486750467 2.  Deep Stretching

It doesn’t matter whether you’re flexible or not.  In Yoga, you push into pain.  You push further and further every time, and there is always room to grow! 175564459

3.  Deep Breathing

Inhale good feelings. Exhale negativity!  Yoga is all about the breathing.  Every movement has breath.  The more one does yoga, the more one will understand the concentration on the deep breaths.


4.  Strengthening

Yoga is a big strength builder.  The isometric strengthening, such as headstands and handstands for the more advanced yogi, helps build strength.  It’s normal to feel sore after.  If you do, you know you’re getting stronger!


5.  Lots of Sweat

Yoga is no walk in the park.  As they turn the heat up, you will indeed sweat.  The more intense the yoga, the more you will sweat.  However, the sweat just means you are doing it right!


For more information on Yoga classes and what Mountainside Fitness has to offer its members, visit their website.

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