Must-Get Mother’s Day Gifts for Fit Moms


Breakfast in bed is great… but these gifts are better

I know buying mother’s day gifts can be tough. As much as women hate to admit it, we sometimes send mixed signals. We say not to spend too much, when we really want you to spend too much. We say don’t worry about a present when we mean, YES, absolutely worry about a present. We kinda expect you to just know what we want, regardless of what comes out of our mouth. And Mother’s Day is no different. I’m a mom and I expect to be a BIG deal on the BIG day. Here are some fit gifts that are guaranteed to be a hit:

For the yogi…
Manduka is the mac daddy of yoga mats. This one is my fave, but you can’t really go wrong with any Manduka mat. Throw in a cute yoga bag too and you’re golden! (Psst: has a store finder to find a retailer in your hood.)

For the runner…
Lululemon is my crack… and the Run Speed Short is my top pick. You can do everything in them, from running, hiking, biking to yoga and they come in a funky rainbow of patterns (Psst: a Lululemon gift card is also fool proof).

I heart these shorts!

I heart these shorts!

For the workout queen…
I love the Lather store in Kierland. It’s packed full of yummy-smelling products that fit gals like me love (the more you sweat, the more you shower!). My fave: Bamboo Lemongrass Foaming Body Scrub, and they also just came out with a Coconut Foaming Body Scrub that smells like paradise.

Lather up!

Lather up!

For the fit gal who has (almost) everything…
Chances are she doesn’t have a pink cruiser bike… and a lady needs wheels too, especially for all those biking outings with the fam.

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