4 New Fitness Studios Open

Reformed Pilates can make you look like this!
Reformed Pilates can make you look like this!
Reformed Pilates can make you look like this!

One of the joys of my job is that I get to gym hop and experience all the awesome fitness options the Valley has to offer. That number is growing, and fast, thanks to a new crop of recent studio openings. And I’m not talking generic gyms; each of these standout studios offers up something fresh and fabulous. Below, the owners spill on what sets them apart. Go try them for yourself – you won’t be disappointed!

1. Refomed Pilates – A swanky studio in Arcadia that puts a new spin on Pilates
What sets us apart: Reformed has 10 custom reformers that we use to fuse classic Pilates techniques with a high-intensity cardio workout. We focus a lot on the flow of our routines to keep your heart rate up and to give you a total body workout in just 50 minutes.

Fitness philosophy: Slow Movements and quick transitions: Our goal is to lengthen the muscles through slow movements and strengthen them through quick transitions. This results in the long and lean physique that we all crave and love.

Standout amenities: Our 10 custom reformers are by far the standout, but the overall look and feel of the studio is also very different than most boutique gyms. Our style tends to be unique, modern and perhaps even a little industrial.

Reform your body at Reformed Pilates
Reform your body at Reformed Pilates

2. De La Fit
– This family-owned and operated studio moved to a new and improved location

What sets us apart: We specialize in corrective exercise programs using Yoga, Pilates, and strength training in a personal training or small group setting (maximum of 6 people).

Fitness philosophy: Fitness for Every Body! We strive to create a safe functional training environment to support every client’s ability, needs, and goals.

Standout amenities: We offer a unique array of equipment including, a yoga wall, Total Gym Gravity Systems, a KINESIS wall, TRX, Olympic weight lifting and traditional Pilates.

DeLaFit has all the state-of-the-art equipment you'll need
DeLaFit has all the state-of-the-art equipment you’ll need

3. Bar Fitness – Formerly The Dailey Method, Bar Fitness has a new location and schedule

What sets us apart: Our method is so technically refined and sophisticated that the exercises and stretches are precisely designed (based on science, not wishful thinking) to change the shape of your body, from the inside out – giving you longer, leaner muscles that burn fat on their own literally around the clock.

Fitness philosophy: Not everyone is genetically predisposed to be a size 2, but it is possible for anyone – given the proper tools and instruction – to sculpt the perfect body that they were meant to have.

Standout amenities: Our new ballet bar studio is located inside the exclusive Scottsdale Athletic Club, so our clients have access to private locker rooms with steam, sauna, lockers and showers – and more!

 BarFitness will work you to the core!
BarFitness will work you to the core!

4. Kinesis Konnection
– Intimate and interactive, work your whole body in 45 minutes!

What sets you apart: Our high-energy classes use functional training machines and equipment to allow all fitness levels to participate in the same class lead by master trainers.

Fitness philosophy: Teaching people how to live a healthy lifestyle through exercise and nutrition.

Standout amenities: Clean and crisp atmosphere with refreshing scents….no stinky equipment or musty smells here!

Work the Kinesis wall at Kinesis Konnection
Work the Kinesis wall at Kinesis Konnection
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