The Facts Behind CBD and its Legality

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Written by Sandra Juliana Ericson

Marijuana is not yet legal, with a prescription, in the state of Arizona. It’s a sad situation for those who need pain relief. 

There is little hope that it will change soon unless Arizona makes some different political choices at the voting booth.

For that reason, many are happy to learn that CBD oil is legalized within the state of Arizona and doesn’t require a prescription. 

CBD belongs to the same family as marijuana but extracted from hemp. This industrialized hemp is nearly free of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). 

THC is a psychoactive compound that causes the high associated with marijuana use.

Since CBD contains less than .03% THC, it will not cause any head high. The lack of a high means that you can operate machinery without any impact on your ability to think or react while driving.

 Many CBD users report having more ability to focus when using CBD, contrary to marijuana users. This is why CBD is legal in other states as well.

Why Do People Want CBD?

CBD is one of more than a hundred cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. Both hemp and marijuana are forms of cannabis. Hemp is naturally higher in CBD content and very low in THC. Marijuana is quite the opposite of hemp, being very high in THC and lower in CBD. 

Some strains of marijuana are specifically cultivated to have massive amounts of THC. These can render you incapable of driving or even functioning on even a rudimentary level. Some people don’t like this feeling of being completely out of control. CBD is an option for them.

While researching cannabis plants, scientists discovered the other cannabinoids, aside from THC, and began to investigate them thoroughly. CBD has many healing properties and abilities that are entirely separate from THC, which are quite beneficial to humans and animals alike.

CBD has proven itself worthy of praise in helping reduce both the severity and the number of seizures that those with Epilepsy experience each day. The FDA has approved CBD (cannabidiol) for use in a medication called Epidiolex, which is prescribed for hard to control seizures. This is the first time that a cannabinoid has been approved for medication by the FDA.

Other Areas of Research with Positive Results for CBD Use Include:

●     Diabetes

●     Skin rashes and disorders

●     Migraines

●     Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other digestive disorders

●     Menstrual Cramps

●     Anxiety

●     Depression and other mental health conditions

●     General pain

●     Neuropathy and other central nervous system conditions

Safety of CBD

There are no recorded cases of death as a result of CBD use. CBD does not cause addiction, and the majority of people will notice no side effects from usage. Mild side effects are rare but may include:

 ●     Cramping

●     Diarrhea

●     Headaches

The safety of CBD is so well-known that it is used for both children and pets quite often.  In both cases, follow the label directions closely.

All mammals have an Endocannabinoid System (ECS) in their bodies. The ECS utilizes cannabinoids to bring healing to the body at a cellular level.

 CBD products exist in all forms of ingestion imaginable. Baked goods with CBD are one method to take a dose without experiencing the earthy, almost grasslike flavor of the oil. Sublingual drops are still the most common form of CBD. Tinctures are delicious, made in many flavors to compliment your favorite drink or meal.

Take CBD capsules if you prefer them. Gummies are available in many different dosages and flavors too. How about CBD flower? No matter what your preference is, there is a CBD product made that you’ll enjoy.

Full-spectrum CBD products include hints of the other cannabinoids as well. THC is still, of course, under the legal .03%. The other cannabinoids have the expertise to help with your health as well, and when they are all present together, they work as a team. Scientists have dubbed this effect the “entourage effect,”  and it is only available from full-spectrum products.

As was mentioned, full-spectrum CBD does contain up to .03% THC. Some companies still perform random drug tests and specifically look for THC in your system. While .03% is a trace amount of THC, it can create a positive result on your test.

In this situation, it’s better to use a pure form of CBD, such as CBD Isolate. There are no cannabinoids in CBD Isolate other than CBD. This type of product is the only way to be sure of a negative drug test.

CBD As An Alternative to Marijuana

Some people would use marijuana if it were available to them. The legality of CBD has been a big help for those in states without legalized marijuana. There remains another use for CBD within this realm. For those who might be traveling from one US state to another, CBD can allow you to do so legally.

It is very dangerous to travel with marijuana in your possession or even in your bloodstream. Know the law in every state you intend to pass through and be sure that you are not breaking it. You can easily find yourself in jail with your car impounded, rather than enjoying a vacation.

For this purpose, using CBD is a viable option that still provides you with some pain relief and reduced anxiety, while remaining legal. This same rule applies if you are leaving the country. Many countries around the world have not yet legalized CBD. Know the law before you depart the United States and make decisions wisely.

You can be issued a citation if caught driving under the influence of THC with it in your bloodstream. Remember that CBD can cause a positive result for THC in your system. 

Be smart. Think ahead and plan. These sorts of problems arise most often in states with the strictest regulations on marijuana use. Where do you live? How often do you plan to use CBD? Do you drive daily?  Consider the answers to these questions. 

If you feel perfectly safe, knowing that your state only issues a fine, then go for it. Otherwise, take some time to consider what the ramifications might be if you are pulled-over or drug-tested. 

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