10 Best Gifts for Marathoners and Half-Marathoners

10 Best Gifts for Marathoners and Half-Marathoners

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No doubt, there’s someone you know (and love) running in the marathon or half marathon or Sunday. I can tell you from experience that your cheers, your well wishes, your high fives at the finish line will mean the world to them. I ran a half marathon a couple years ago and still vividly remember one enthusiastic hubby who went from mile to mile to cheer on his wife. Loved it! And even though he wasn’t cheering for me, all the support from the loved ones on the sidelines gave me a mega does of energy and brought more than one tear to my eye. So I wanted to take a minute to wish all the runners a big giant virtual high five (GO KAYRENE AND CRYSTAL!)

Now for the gifts. If you’re looking for a something special to commemorate the event (running a half or full marathon is a BIG deal!), I combed Etsy looking for marathon mementos. Buy them for the runner in your life or get one for yourself as a running reward

Pretty much sums it up, right? RUN! Who wouldn’t love this handmade, sterling silver necklace? ($36)

Talk about a conversation piece! Sprinkle a little salt in your beer to boost recovery. ($12)

A bedazzled half-marathon racerback tank – LUV! Rhinestones and studs screams running to me. ($30)

This one will have people smiling all the way to the finish line. ($22)

3 pendant chain from Etsy

3 pendant chain from Etsy

3 pendants (shoe + heart + mile marker) and a chain – nice price! ($19)

Order a custom iPhone case for the runner in your life. Personalize it for the person and race. ($25)

26.2 necklace from Etsy

26.2 necklace from Etsy

A stylish reminder of the big day – and your mileage! ($32)

And if you need a present in a hurry, get a gift certificate for brunch (I love Chestnut in Arcadia) or for a post-marathon massage.


  • Kayrene Willis says:

    Thanks for the shout out Allison! Also thank you for the post marathon gift – Epsom salts and the best chocolate chip cookies. Both truly helped me recover quickly. I also put the apple cider vinegar in the bath after your suggestion.

  • Allison says:

    Chocolate chip cookies will always help you recover 🙂

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