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Heidi Malano

I don’t know about you, but I need a serious dose of fitness inspiration after my holiday cookie binge – and nothing inspires me more than a fit force like Heidi Malano. A group fitness instructor certified in everything from TRX to aqua fitness, plus a personal trainer, yoga teacher and the creator of Yoga Kicks, a high-energy class that combines yoga poses and plyometrics for a mega calorie-burner with a dose of Zen, Heidi teaches (and inspires) at Camelback Village and Dark Star Yoga. Here, Heidi shares how to tame those trouble spots and how friends can be great motivators.

Heidi Malano
Age: 36
Occupation: Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Yoga Teacher
Home Gym: Camelback Village Racquet and Health Club

How to find a workout you love… As a fitness girl who discovered a passion for yoga two years ago, I attribute my strength and endurance to other programs, in addition to my yoga practice. This inspired me to create a new fitness program called Yoga Kicks. This fun and effective class blends the dynamic elements of fitness with powerful yoga poses to offer everything you need for a strong body and mind — core, cardio, strength, balance and flexibility. I teach this class at Dark Star Yoga on Mondays at 9am.

How to eat healthy… Everybody and every Body is different, so you must know what foods work for you and which foods cause you discomfort. How and when you fuel your body around workouts is very important for building the lean muscle you desire. About 4 months ago I decided to give up eating meat, and I was nervous I’d lose muscle. While I do eat fish, I have found raw protein powder and egg whites are great for getting me the protein I need. I feel better, and I think I look better. Also, I eat organic!


Heidi Malano

How to avoid overeating… Portion control is important when eating, even when eating healthy. Too much of something good, like organic peanut butter, is still too much! I say this because peanut butter is something I can easily go overboard with. Bottom line is you just need to be honest with yourself. Are you getting your cardio, strength training and yoga in regularly and still not seeing results? Take a closer look at what you’re putting on your plate and in your mouth.

How to tame trouble spots… Tame trouble spots by not losing track of your healthy lifestyle. No, you don’t need to be 100% clean 365 days out of the year, but you do need to have consistency with a regular fitness program and healthy eating plan (and a meditation program is great, too). If you make these things an important part of your life, you should be able to stay happy and trouble spot-free. Cable hip extensions are great, too! LOL.

How to stay motivated… Friends are wonderful motivators. About 2 months ago, a few of my friends formed a meditation circle. We may sit together once in awhile, but the real motivation is just checking in on each other daily to discuss our meditation experience, or if we sat at all. Having the support and knowing I’m “checking in” on a daily basis, motivates me to get to my cushion, close my eyes and breathe.

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