The Takeover of EDM

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Festivals laced with electronic music, bass pounding dance beats, and crowds by the thousands, Electronic Dance Music has taken over the entertainment industry. EDM blasts through nightclubs and takes over fields filled with music goers from all over the country. With EDC Las Vegas happening this weekend, it’s only right to take a look at the immense growth the EDM industry has had on our country over the past year. The recently held EDM Biz Conference reported that 11.2 billion electronic dance music tracks were streamed in the U.S. in the last year. In fact Avicii’s “Wake Me Up” was Spotify’s most streamed song in all of 2014 and on YouTube the video has been played 652 million times to date.

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The United States isn’t the only place with huge growth. The total international value of the electronic dance music industry is valued at a massive $6.9 billion with $2 billion of that being attributed to North America alone. These facts make it easy to see why EDC’s attendance alone has grown 8,000% since it first began in 1997. The popular Las Vegas festival is taking place this weekend and will be filled with neon colors, flashing lights, and outrageous outfits like anyone would expect. And if you happen to be going, be ready to experience as much as 75 tons of paper confetti falling from an electrifying sky and drenching you in vibrant hues.

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