The 5 Best Bars in Phoenix to Watch College Football


by: Lorraine Campos

As football season rapidly approaches, football fans plan where they will gather to watch games. That perfect location to meet-up for cold drinks, mouthwatering appetizers and most importantly, the most TVs and selection of games, is essential.

“Since I moved to Arizona from Chicago, I tend to meet up at bars and restaurants with my buddies and fellow Hoosier fans to watch the Indiana football games,” says Derron Spencer, an Indiana State alumni and sports fanatic. “It gives us the chance to not only watch the game, but it also provides an opportunity to network with other alumni while sharing a mutual love of our team.” While Spencer admits that he is friends with many ASU alumni, he claims “there are no fans like Hoosier fans,” and tries to make it out to as many social events as he can during the season, to meet up and support his alma mater.

True football fans know that college football is a passion that only a real sports enthusiast can fully understand. Since where to watch the game is key,we found the best places throughout the Valley to enjoy the game, incredible food and great drink specials.

Did your hangout make the cut?

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