Sound Kitchen Ft. Christopher Lawrence @ Wild Knight


Relentless Beats presents Sound Kitchen featuring Christopher Lawrence at Wild Knight in Old Town Scottsdale on Friday, March 15, 2013. Come see a trance family favorite as he rocks the decks at one of AZ’s hottest nightclubs!

Over the past decade, Christopher has also established himself as one of the US’s biggest selling DJs. He’s released a string of record breaking mix compilations including ‘Rush Hour’, ‘United States of Trance’, ‘Gatecrasher: Live in Moscow’ (MOS), ‘Unfold’ and ‘Global Trance Grooves Presents Two Tribes’ with whom he joined forces with UK trance superstar John 00 Fleming.

On the big screen, Christopher has appeared in ‘Full or Ferry – Masquerade”, ‘Midsummernight’s Rave’, as well the documentaries ‘Liquid Vinyl’, ‘Intellect’, ‘Put The Needle On The Record’, ‘World Party On Tour’ and ‘American Massive’ to name a few.

In the world of international dance culture, there are DJs who are leaders and those who are followers. Christopher Lawrence is a true leader.

Tickets are currently $10. Purchase your ticket HERE.


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