Sound Kitchen Feat. Tommy Lee & DJ Aero @ Wild Knight


Relentless Beats presents Sound Kitchen featuring Tommy Lee & DJ Aero with local support from RB residents Tranzit and Lujan at Wild Knight in Old Town Scottsdale on Friday, January 18, 2013.

As DJs and producers, Tommy Lee & DJ Aero’s sound is dirty, filthy, nasty electro-house; and since their musical tastes are not constrained to one genre, the duo often veers into techno, progressive, breakbeat and even hip-hop territory. It is one thing to play the same set list of rock songs to stadiums filled with adoring, expectant fans; it’s entirely another to walk into a swarming nightclub crammed with judgmental trainspotters, read the crowd correctly, and make people dance. Ask any professional DJ and he will tell you that the art of reading a room is anything but easy to master.

Today, TOMMY LEE & DJ AERO are essentially remixing music live, on-the-fly, when performing as DJs. They’re also creating, manipulating and incorporating visuals into their live DJ sets. This is deejaying as a multi-media show bordering on performance art. It’s what TOMMY LEE & DJ AERO are about. Fellow DJs/producers, ERICK MORILLO, SHARAM (DEEP DISH) and ADAM FREELAND are frequent collaborators and visitors to TOMMY LEE’s home, where his full commercial-quality studio is almost always in use. AERO said, “When deejaying, I’m using Traktor Scratch Pro to control the music. Basically, I select the next track, send the signal to Tommy, and he does whatever the hell he wants with it and sends that effected signal back to me. I use the mixer to control what the room hears. When we’re onstage, we’re mixing and creating audio and video content. We’re really busy up there! We’re not having cocktails and blowing air-kisses to the girls.”

Deejaying is no passing fad for TOMMY LEE. As he told The Miami New Times, “This DJ project will never be over. This isn’t like a quick little, ‘I’m gonna play techno music with my buddy Aero for a minute.’ It’s tattooed in. It’s not going away.”

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Wild Knight
4405 North Saddlebag Trail
Scottsdale, AZ

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