Sia Prepares to “Act” On Her Next Single

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Elusive singer-songwriter Sia has spent much of her time in the spotlight without actually being in the spotlight. She hides her face behind larger than life wigs, lets others do the dancing for her, and now she’s releasing an album solely dedicated to songs that were never meant for her.

Originally gaining American success for writing songs for other artists, such as multiple singles for Christina Aguilera’s album “Bionic,” along with Madonna, Britney Spears and Celine Dion, she garnered attention for Rihanna’s 2013 single “Diamonds.” Fearful of resorting to previous dark days of alcoholism and drugs due to the pressures of fame, she successfully negotiated a contract with her label free of touring and press restrictions. The result? Belting out powerful vocals, facing away from the audience, while someone else does the performing.

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Now, after writing so many songs for other artists, she’s preparing an album titled “This Is Acting” inspired by those songs. Her first single off the album is titled “Alive” and was originally meant for Adele. While the album release date is not yet known, the single will be released September 26. Watch below, of her captivating performance of “Chandelier” on The Ellen Degeneres Show in May of 2014. The single was the first off her album 1000 Forms of Fear and was initially written for either Rihanna or Beyonce in mind.

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