Score Cash, Triple Points and More During Zia Record’s Zombie Month

Got one too many records or books taking up space in your home? Now is your chance to rid yourself of clutter and score cash or trade, plus triple Zia rewards points at Zia Records.

During the month of July, Zia Records is encouraging fans to turn their entertainment graveyards into goldmines with Zombie Month. For every dollar spent or earned in trade during Zia Zombie Month, visitors can score points through Zia’s loyalty program (using their Z-card) toward half-off discounts to find their next favorite gem.

How It Works

  1. Unearth those gently-used items that you thought were dead (games, movies, books, comics, music, etc). Search your bedrooms, basements and bookshelves.
  2. Head to Zia to find a smiling face who can eyeball your collection of entertainment merchandise and make you an offer. Make sure to come with your Z-card in-hand or sign up to start your own Zia loyalty account in minutes at your favorite neighborhood location.
  3. Leave the graveyard behind and let Zia breathe new life into your used music, games, comics, instruments and other collectibles while you earn extra points to feed your own thirst for cash or new goods.

“If you’ve let your music, games and entertainment merchandise sit around and collect dust, here’s your chance to raise the dead and get a little something extra in exchange for your efforts,” said Zia’s Jarrett Hankinson. “We’re rewarding fans with triple points all month for the goods you’ve planned to get rid of anyway, so come resurrect your old collections and let them live a second life here at Zia.”

Zia’s in-store visitors will also find zombie fanfare lurking around every corner of the record exchange throughout July, with T-shirts, scavenger hunts, prizes, promotions and more in store for enthusiasts.

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