Meet the Talent Rising From Under Beyonce’s Wing


The word ‘lemonade’ took on a whole new meaning the past few weeks and caused quite the stir of conversation. As the title of Beyonce’s latest album, it’s no surprise that Lemonade was nothing but a major hit, as is anything she puts her mark on. The diva dominates in everything she does and has been since coming onto the musical scene more than two decades ago. In fact, the queen bee has sold 16 million solo albums in the U.S. alone, with her first—Dangerously In Love—hitting the 5 million mark this past December—and that’s not including the many albums sold during her days with Destiny’s Child. With a new album, HBO special, new athletic-wear line and new record label, Beyoncé needs to convince no one that she deserves her spot on the throne, which is why receiving the backing and support of her in your musical endeavors would be nothing short of amazing.

Parkwood Entertainment, Beyonce’s management company has recently signed its first three talents to its record label. Meet the young, rising stars that Beyonce has put her faith in.

Sophie Beem: New York City-born and raised, Sophie Beem did it all on her own, teaching herself how to play the piano, guitar and sing. After being discovered by Parkwood Entertainment’s former General Manager during a live acoustic show, she hopped onto the scene with her long blond tresses and upbeat, pop-induced tunes with rifts of R&B and sultry notes.

Ingrid: The outspoken 29-year old who grew up a few houses down from Beyonce has been making her mark in the music industry for awhile now. Ingrid’s honest vocals, slightly reminiscent of Beyonce’s rougher side, have already graced stages, opening for big names like Drake and J. Cole when they were on their way up the musical ladder. Before signing her to Parkwood Entertainment, Beyonce even recruited Ingrid for a writing session of her self-titled album in which she inspired some of the major themes on it.

Chloe x Halle: This sister-duo can thank Beyonce for the release of her self-titled album which contains the single “Pretty Hurts” for which their YouTube video of the acoustic cover spread like wildfire and eventually landed in the ears of Beyonce herself. The Atlanta-born sisters’ sound is characterized by dreamy vocals and smooth highs and lows. At ages 17 and 16 respectively, these two surely have a long road ahead.

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