Local Musician, Michael Land Making Dreams Come True

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A true inspiration to anyone looking to pursue their dreams is local singer songwriter Michael Land. Giving up his day job of church music director, Michael Land is now pursuing his dream of becoming a full time musician. “I’m 100% secure when I’m being myself,” Michael says and it shows through his music. He spends most of his time writing new songs, making YouTube videos, and performing at a variety of shows around the valley. He also enjoys making covers like he did with Ed Sheerans’s popular hit “Thinking Out Loud.” Along with following his true passion, Michael also spends a lot of time with his wife Kim homeschooling their 5 children. His kids accompany him to all of his shows while helping to set up, troubleshoot, and of course their favorite task, counting the tip money at the end of the night. “We’ve always said we wanted our kids to see us doing what we love and hopefully making money doing what we love,” explains Michael.

Michael also participates in an online website to support new artists. The website is called Patreon and is a way for fans to give support to their favorite creators, from musicians, to writers and photographers. For Michael it’s a way to build a fan base while in return rewarding fans with new music. “It’s like someone throwing a tip in the tip jar,” he says of the website. Through all the struggles and ups and downs, Michael says, “it’s worth it because I’m finding who I am.”

For more information on Michael, his music, and show dates visit his website at www.michaellandmusic.com

To visit his Patreon page click here


-By Suzanne Koch

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