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DJ Jen Jones

Regardless of where we come from, music seems to have the uncanny ability to connect us. Australian born DJ Jen Jones has made it her mission to connect people all over the world using her skills behind  the decks and has chosen Phoenix as her home base to do it. She has also decided to break the news exclusively with Arizona Foothills Magazine that she will be playing a show in New Orleans Superbowl weekend with Dutch Superstar Afrojack, a huge step in her career as a DJ.

Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia; Jen Jones comes from a family of musicians and began cutting her teeth on music at a very young age. A fan of Rock, Hip Hop and the Australian house scene, Jen moved to America at 21 years old in search of more. Finally succumbing to her passion for music she took to the turntable’s and hasn’t looked back since.

Combining the beauty and style of a top model and the mixing skills of a world class DJ, Jen Jones has unassumingly taken the DJ world by storm. Armed with a passion for music, a love for the tables, and her trademark pink and diamond headphones, DJ Jen Jones is not only ready to toss her “red bottoms” in the ring with the other female DJ’s of the world, but she is ready to help raise the bar for the DJ culture as a whole, to the next level.

Interested? We are. Let’s get to know Jen a little better:

AFM: You come from a family of musicians; can you tell us a little bit more about your upbringing in Australia, and how it’s molded you into the artist you are today?

My father has been in a band for as long as I can remember. Every Saturday and Sunday morning I would wake up to the sound of my fathers base guitar. My older brother took on the passion quickly and started playing too. Often my dad and my brother would sit down and teach me how to play basic songs. I grew up listening mostly to Rock. On long family road trips to our “holiday house” my dad would play music by artists like ACDC, Deep Purple, Status Quo and Black Sabbath, just to name a few. My older brother became a DJ and had the LOUDEST sound system in his car. My older sister and I would be SO embarrassed when he would drop us off at school early in the morning listening to some hard Techno music! My sister and I would always find songs for my brother to listen to (as a DJ) and to play in his car.  My older sister always had the latest of everything, whether it was clothes, music, shoes etc. I was the cool kid in primary school (grade 1 -6) because I would bring all our tapes and play them at lunch time for everyone to listen to! I guess I was a DJ back then and just never knew it! Thanks Sis!

AFM: That’s awesome! Funny how much we are influenced by ours families and don’t realize it till later…What made you decide to move to the United States? Modeling? Music? Or a little bit
of both?

Actually, neither! Even though I have a life in front of the camera, I also have a background behind it. In Australia I worked for a clothing company that I was a junior buyer for. I traveled to Singapore and China with them and saw how clothes were manufactured and where seasons lines were developed.  I have always wanted to open/ launch my own clothing line. I have always loved America and loved the fact you can start a business from scratch and build it into a empire, America supports that! Besides, if your going to try make it big anywhere, here is the place you do it right?

AFM: We couldn’t agree more, especially with the way Electronic Dance Music is taking off, America is definitely the place to be for building both a business and a music Career. You’re an extremely versatile DJ that’s been known to mix all different types of
genres. But if you had to pick just one, what’s your favorite?

My all time favorite type of music to  play is high energy house with hip hop or rock laid over the top. Those three genres mixed altogether makes me extremely hype!

AFM: Who introduced you to DJing? And for the Techies out there, what’s your preferred
set up in the booth?

DJN is something I have ALWAYS wanted to do. I always have the latest music and know all the lyrics to them, who produced, who wrote it, etc. I was taught how to DJ by DJ Josh Quintero, who taught me the real culture as a dj. He agreed to teach me only if I learnt on straight vinyl like he did. He taught me how to beat match and how to really listen to the music with your ears. Obviously over time technology has advanced and DJ’s no longer need to lug crates of records around, its now all stalled on your computer or different means of hard drives. I still love playing on turn tables, I love the feel of vinyl and I don’t think that will ever change. In the DJ booth I prefer to play on Technic turtables and a DJM900 or 800 pioneer mixer.

AFM: What is the hardest part about being a female DJ?

The hardest part of being a female DJ is people taking me seriously as an artist. Most people think that I am where I am today because of looks or being a female in a male dominated industry. That isn’t true. Hard work, practice, time, passion is how I’ve gotten this far. I take this very seriously and I put A LOT of hard work and time into anything I am passionate about. That is what separates you from the rest!

AFM: What were your top 3 gigs of 2012? What does 2013 have in store for DJ Jen Jones?

My top 3 gigs of 2012 were Axis Radius which was my very first gig and my birthday. I will NEVER forget that night and thank you DJ MCB for asking me to open for you! Another was Mint, were i headlined and was able to really display my sound with no restrictions. Lastly Smashboxx, that was a lot of fun and I felt like i had really shaped my format as a DJ and the crowd loved it. Very fulfilling moment!

2013 is off to a great start! On Sunday January 13th I am spinning for Channel 12 News coverage of The Golden Globes. I got booked in New Orleans for Superbowl weekend, so as you can imagine I am super excited for that! I feel as though this year is only going to get better!

AFM: Thanks for taking the time to speak with us Jen and good luck in 2013! We’ll be watching 🙂

Connect with DJ Jen Jones on her Facebook Page for more information and free downloads!

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