Getting Ready For Coachella 2013


Each april in the dry heat of California, thousands of music lovers from all over the world flock to a remote location in Palm Springs to partake in what has become one of the most exuberant Music festivals in the world. From The Red Hot Chili Peppers to The Postal Service and 2Pac’s Hologram gracing the stage, this festival has absolutely everything a well-rounded music lover could ask for. The general consensus among fans seems to be that Coachella is a festival with a wealth of diverse genres  but also a festival that does a fantastic job of creating a juxtaposition between new and old.


I camping experience compared more to a marathon than a sprint, Coachella means, an escape from reality, 4 days with out a phone and you aren’t bothered in the least. The only thing that truly matters is making it to the next set, or finding some cool shade to rest in for a few moments while you catch your breath share stories. I think a good way of summing it up is that it is a lot less pressured than festivals like EDC or Ultra, but a little more progressive and energic than an alternative music festival. I believe that unique special atmosphere can really only be created by the mix of people brought together  through the desire (and openness) to witness the wide array of artists.


Check out the official Coachella Trailer below, pretty amazing graphic animation, not to mention extremely realistic!

[vimeo id=”58109030″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

Items that you may not think of, but should definitely bring! (And Tips)

-Mini hand held fans

-Baby wipes (who needs a shower!)

-TENTS ARE HUMID, bring a Canopy and use light weight blankets or sheets for walls. They’ll allow for more airflow than a tent and also allow you to move the walls around to block out those nasty sunrises.

-Speaking of sunrises, bring some playing cards to kill time in the morning and for drinking games at night!

-Speaking of drinking, you CANNOT bring GLASS BOTTLES into the campsite!

-Spray bottles/mysters


-Waterproof sun screen

-Fanny packs

-Flag poles/flags, in order to claim your area and of course, find your campsite when the days start to blur.


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