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One thing is apparent when talking to Jerod Lujan (aka LuJan) about his career thus far as a DJ, he loves what he does, and that passion is seen every time he steps behind the decks. After playing one of the biggest EDM events of the summer, Identity Festival, LuJan is showing now sign of slowing down. Next stop…world domination.


Amanda: “How did you get into DJ’ing?”

LuJan: I got into Dj’ing by gradually starting to listen to electronic music, and I had a friend DJ at my first rave. After seeing the connection he achieved and the joy he brought to the crowd’s life, I was hooked. I knew from that moment on that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life

Amanda: “Who is your DJ icon/role model?”

LuJan: Armin van Buuren because he shares almost to the T, the same views and morals in DJ’ing as me. He has so much energy behind the decks, he loves giving everything he has to the crowd, he’s never to big for anyone, he loves meeting and conversing with his fans, he will work with anyone, and he lives and breathes the music. Plus no matter the size of the room, he brings his best. I’ve heard people that aren’t even into the music or only like House say he’s the best Dj in the world.

Amanda: “What has been the most epic party you’ve ever played?”

LuJan at Identity Festival

LuJan: Opening for Dada Life at Wild Knight after Wet Electric. I got to play some of the biggest big room music I have ever played, people were filled with the most energy I have ever seen, and they were connected with everything single track I played. That was pretty epic.

Amanda: “Where do you get your inspiration from?”

LuJan: I get a great deal of my inspiration from my fans. I play a range of different styles of music. I love bringing new and surprising music to the people that are die hard EDM lovers. I love seeing people’s faces when they hear some crazy new track or remix that I made or play. That’s my biggest inspiration.

Amanda: “You’ve been in the studio working on a new track with local DJ Phillip Thomas… What can we expect from this track?”

LuJan: Oh wow.  I’m actually really impressed with what’s coming out of us. The baseline and percussion is definitely festival worthy.

Amanda: “What does the future hold for LuJan?”

LuJan: The future holds really big things for me. I’m currently working on an album that will be released next year, plus a brand new live show as well as other productions that will help me grow and reach bigger show platforms.

Amanda: “You played the Identity Festival this past Sunday… How did you prep for such a huge gig?”

LuJan: Festivals are always a huge treat and trick to play. The set times are usually short, so in order to prepare, I like to completely edit and rework the direction of every track that I think I’m going to play, then I can pack the most punch out of my set. I also try to work hard on bringing as much surprise production as I can.

Amanda: “How stoked were you when you found out that you would be playing ID Fest?”

LuJan: Ecstatic!!! To get on the bill of the biggest dance music event in the state is crazy! It put me at a loss of words. This was the most excited I have been to date to play a show!

Amanda: The lineup for Identity was pretty amazing… What artist were you most excited to see?

LuJan: Paul van Dyk because he’s another idol of mine and Eric Prydz because he’s amazing.The whole world loves him and he’s so progressive.

Amanda: “Relentless Beats recently held a contest called “Hometown Heroes Contest”, which gave new up and coming DJ’s a chance to win a time slot on the ‘Local DJ’s’ stage at Identity… Any advice you can give the winners or any DJ who aspires to achieve what you have in your career so far?”

LuJan: Hard hard hard devoted work is my biggest piece of advice! It takes so much sacrifice to get what you want so just be willing to make that sacrifice. If you know how much it will take to achieve what you want, it will be that much easier. Also practice, never give up at anything, and you will start pulling ahead of your competition. In the end, if you love it, then your extremely hard journey will always be a fun one.

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