Checkout Wonderspaces AZ and Its Latest Exhibits

If you haven’t been to Wonderspaces Arizona, you are certainly missing out on fun, interactive, and Instagram worthy moments. You will begin to notice the fabulous one of a kind modern artwork for ALL ages from the moment of entrance.

Take a date, your family, or have a fun hour or two out with your friends and experience Wonderspaces Arizona. Act now because every few months, the exhibits rotate, and new artwork takes its place.

Here are some of the latest additions to the museum that you must witness for yourself!

Light Leaks

Light Leaks was created by artists Kyle McDonald and Jonas Jongejan. The installation points three high-powered projectors at fifty disco balls that hold over 3 million individuals mirrors.

With a mapping and calibration process, and custom software, the artists planned how each pixel of the projected light will bounce off the mirrors and project on the walls.

The patterns of light and sounds repeat after four minutes! We ended up just sitting on the side and watching the mesmerizing display. It truly is hypnotic, and the contrast between the light on the disco balls and the walls is absolutely extraordinary.

The “Thank You” Bags

Thank You Bags was created by the artist Reed van Brunschot. Her installation asks the viewers to think about the residual waste of our capitalistic country.

The eery yet happy demeanor really makes this art piece come to life. We all have seen plastic bags flying in the wind in our daily life, but to see it blown up to such a larger scale. It makes you think about just how many plastic bags are polluting the environment daily.

Micromonumental Mapping, The Essence of Creation

Micromonumental Mapping, The Essence of Creation was created by Limelight, an international group of artists who specialize in projection mapping and light art.

In 2020, the pandemic ruined many plans for artists, musicians, events, and festivals across the globe. The visual art was originally for a projection and light art display for the famous neoclassical opera house in France, The Opera de Lille. Limelight adapted, however, and created a 3D printed model of the opera house.

Viewers can see what “would have” been projected onto the French opera house at Wonderspaces Arizona.


Pittsburgh-based media artist Ian Brill created Plume. The immersive dome of synchronized light and sound uses motion, sound, and color to present an ethereal display.

Sit or lay on the ground within the dome and stare. A guest will never see the same light combinations ever within Plume. It is also soundproof once you are within the dome, making you feel like you are in your very own world or ecosystem.

Those are just a few of the latest exhibits and visual artwork that have landed here at Wonderspaces Arizona. I won’t spoil the many new VR experience for you. You will just have to view those for yourselves!

But again, hurry and get your reservations. Who knows when and what Wonderspaces Arizona will bring next to the Valley!

For more information on Wonderspaces Arizona, their COVID-19 safety procedures, and to purchase tickets, please visit:

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