Billiards and Beer at Rack Scottsdale


Old Town Scottsdale recently welcomed a brand new pool hall, Rack, to its available late night hang out spots. Located next to Brat Haus on Scottsdale Rd., the Rack is the only true pool hall in Scottsdale complete with billiards, a jukebox, a bar and more. Whether you’re just kicking the evening off or winding down for the night, the new pool lounge is perfect for either.

The Rack features a menu full of traditional bar eats like nachos, cheese fries, wings and more along with a variety of beers to wash it all down with.

“When it’s too hot to move, an afternoon or a night playing some great games of pool in a chilled space and with some outstanding appetizers is a summer day or night well spent,” said Rack Scottsdale owner, Ed Archuleta. “With the music playing and pool balls clacking you’ll want to stay and sip some beers and hang out with friends.”

The new venue is also planning the first ever Scottsdale Summer Billiards Championship, a nine-ball tournament to benefit the fight against leukemia.

The Rack is open daily from noon to 2 a.m.

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