Bar and Nightclub Foot Traffic Are Up This Year, According to Zenreach

There’s some good news for bars and nightclubs in 2021, according to the data scientists at Zenreach. From the beginning of January 2021, there has been an increase in visits and foot traffic of 33% in Bar & Nightclub industries. 

In comparison, this marks a 10% increase from visits in June 2020, but there is still a ways to go overall, as visits compared to January 2020 (pre-Covid) are still down 63%. 

Overall Foot Traffic Growth For Bar & Nightclubs Visits Since January 1st, 2021

Here’s a look at bar and nightclub visits in 10 major metro areas across the US. The chart shows the total percentage breakdown of visits in these 10 cities when compared to each other (please note, this is not a % increase in visits like the other data – it’s a comparison of the current bar and nightclub visits across the US).

This data shows us that Miami currently has the most visits to bars and nightclubs at 21.8% of the total traffic across these 10 metro areas, followed by Phoenix at 15.6% and Houston at 14.7%.

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