Backstage With… James Alex of Beach Slang

Catch American rock n’ roll mainstay Beach Slang live March 25 at The Rebel Lounge. Tickets here

Photo: Charlie Lowe

Name: James Alex / Beach Slang

Instagram: @beachslang

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

If I could describe my sound in three words, they’d be… out of tune.

My favorite song I’ve released is… less than three minutes long.

My proudest achievement as an artist is… getting away with it.

If I could collaborate with any artist/group, it’d be… Paul Westerberg.

If I were an instrument, it’d be… a cheap guitar.

I’m inspired by… broken people, broken places, broken things.

At my upcoming show in Phoenix, fans can expect… a sweaty room, drunk sing-alongs, sweet hearts, loud guitars, charged hugs, worn-out lips, mystery bruises, bloody fingers, permanent smiles and belonging.

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