No Sleep for New Year’s: Hi Fi and El Hefe Host Morning After Parties


May your glass of champagne never reach empty this New Year’s Eve when the party stretches far into 2016. Whether you’re stuck working all hours of the night this New Year’s or you simply can’t find a reason to pause the celebration, there’s a party to be at. This year, keep the party going and the drinks pouring as multiple bars host morning after parties so you never have to go to sleep. Hi Fi Kitchen & Cocktails will be hosting Neon Sunrise, a party to cure your hangovers right before it pours you more. Doors to Hi Fi will open at 4 a.m. and the bar will reopen at 6 a.m. El Hefe Scottsdale will also host an early morning party with its doors opening at 6 a.m. Visit their websites below for more information, and enjoy that bottle of bubbly as you welcome in 2016 with full glasses.

Hi Fi:

El Hefe:



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