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Yesterday was a delightful shoot, the model was great, the clothes were great and for being outside we had a pretty good time. Thankfully, we were in the shade most of the day. But even so, I have to admit that the sweltering heat does make me want to get a little crazy. I just started trying out a hair-revitalizing product which from the testimonials I heard at my shoot on Sunday is truly a hair miracle. The down side is that it takes months before you actually see results…. Of course in the age of twitter, texting and video games, to my instant gratification trained brain, months, sound like it might as well be years. But I await the results with happy anticipation and will try not to let the crazy spill over into getting scissor happy with my locks.

Have you noticed that a few Tinseltown beauties are chopping their hair recently?

Jean Seberg

Michelle Williams has been sporting a fresh summer crop and it looks so lovely with her delicate features. And who could resist the cuter than cute pixie Carey Mulligan in Education. It reminded me of Jean Seberg from the 60’s.

photo John Shearer wire image

Jessica Stroup of 90210 has even cut her mane into a shaggy and sassy cut that looks darling and sexy at the same time.

Of course if you are thinking of taking the plunge into a breezy summer cut here are a few experts tips to making the most of your cut from Jen Atkin at the Andy Le Compte Salon as told to Refinery 29.

DO: According to Atkins, shorter lengths are always more popular during the summer and are perfect for someone who loves to dress up and experiment with makeup. “It looks great with bright colors, flower prints, and anything with a sixties vibe,” she says. “You can’t help but want to dress like Twiggy or Mia Farrow with this cut!”

DON’T: She recommends steering clear of the style if you have a super-round face or a very strong jaw line, and thinks the cut looks best on anyone with delicate or petite features.

DO: As for the grooming and upkeep of your newly shorn locks, Jen knows that less is more. Just a little heat on the ends (“a T3 flatiron gives the ends of your hair an edgier feel”) and a dime-size amount of texturizing product is all you’ll need to be ready to go-go all summer long.

The Andy LeCompte Salon is located at 616 North Almont Drive (at Melrose Avenue); 310-273-4100.

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