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It is official- I have reached that dreaded and often talked about stage of life where I cannot get through a day without referencing old,movies, music, magazines, TV or better yet starting a conversation off with “I remember when…” I knew it was coming…it was out there like some sort of swamp thing slowly creeping towards me… and now it is here. Some days I wear it proudly like a fine vintage coat, other days I fight to suppress the vast trivial pursuit collection of nonsense that streams through my brain….

Tina Chow & Jerry Hall

Though recycled as some trends may be, they are still dashingly fabulous and I covet them wholeheartedly So of course it is only natural while combing through my recent press releases that I would liken the latest fall beauty looks to those old glam rock images of Tina Chow and Jerry Hall… those dark shimmery eyes complete with almost glossy looking liquid liner and cherubim lips dripping with red gloss…. Cue Roxy Music…

Roxy Music – Stranded

Every fall we see lots of color but this season the division between wearable and un-wearable is all in the flick of the wrist. At Gucci eyes were lovingly swept into winged perfection with washes of pinks, purples and cobalt, but for real life take away the excess off the temples and scale back to smoldering shadow and only elongated liner and you have a sensuous autumn look that’s a perfect update on the smokey eye of the last few years. Lancome Declaring Indigo collection is beyond beautiful with a little practice….and blending of course.

Eyes at Gucci

Lancome Declaring Indigo collection

Chanel’s new eye gloss in rouge noir worn over smudged eye liner lends an instant sex appeal that goes beyond a safe neutral eye.

Chanel Eye Gloss in Rouge Noir

Super strong red lips topped with gloss is all the rage but don’t even attempt this without the aide of a good lip pencil… I love Lipstick Queen Shine Gloss in Red along with the matching pencil. This vibe might take some getting used to if, like me you are the kind that likes a natural looking lip. But I am finding what looked so terribly wrong last year actually looks quite luscious now. If you can’t bear the red go the exact opposite end of the spectrum by covering lips with foundation and topping with shiny gloss for the nudest nude.

Lipstick Queen Shine Gloss

Lastly keep blush to a minimum and try a bit of neutral contour slightly brushed on the cheeks this will keep the face from looking flat. Try Shu Umera Glow on in #89 Brush it right along the cheekbone under your own natural “dent” remember that blending is essential… and your goal is not to go from Snow White to J Lo…but rather to look ravishing.

Shu Umera Glow

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