Fast Hair Fixers

I can’t count how many times before extra early morning shoots I wish I could whip out a bag of hair tricks to pull myself together, but sadly on most days I just throw my mane back with an elastic band.

If this sounds suspiciously familiar, then this seasons trends are made just for us! Not only are elastics, headbands and hats more popular than ever but so are turbans and wraps.

In fact with all these options I don’t see how anyone has an excuse to have a bad hair day.
(hopefully after uttering these words there isn’t Murphys law of bad hair in store for me tomorrow!)

Though I love the look on others I haven’t quite been able to bring myself to don a turban yet. Turbans were so on point in the 80’s and I loved the look with any spangled dress but now for me, (and for anyone over 35) if you even entertain this look it has to be executed with precision. Bobbed and short hair works well with a turban when it’s curled and has a bit of volume. While longer hair looks great when it’s messy or braided but if you are still shy about this look try a modified wrap instead of a full turban.

Knit caps can be incredibly cozy and hip (think Ali McGraw in Love Story) and are one of the easiest looks to pull off. No matter what your hair length these head warmers are best worn with some hair peeking out and even better when perched to one side. This season pair them with extra long scarves or fur accessories.

Of course a woman wearing a hat will always draw attention, but to ensure it’s the right kind of attention take care to match your hat with the coordinating style of dress ie: menswear with a fedora, trapper hats with military looks, riding hat with equestrian frocks or floppy hats with bohemian dresses. Most full coverage hats look best with longer hair with the exception of the fedora which works for both short and long.

Trapper hats look best with a messy braid or hair down, while riding hats bode well with hair pulled into a side pony or bun and floppy hats look keen with hair down whether straight or curly.

Of course whenever you are disguising bad hair you want to be sure that your hat can stay on your head all day without revealing your hidden smashed har secrets underneath. Just to cover your tracks you can always slick hair with pins or products for a sleek smooth look at the crown.

All photos from Refinery 29

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