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I’ve written about fashion fixers before, like the Zakkerz that helps insta-hem your pants. And I’ll confess, I have samples of the entire Hollywood Fashion tape and Bug Catcherz  line (covered in a previous issue of Arizona Foothills). But for whatever reason, I hadn’t really used all of the products. I’ve dabbled here and there with a few yes, but the one I was most excited about I hadn’t tried yet. Until yesterday that is.

Needless to say, I now am even more obsessed. And now need to share with you this totally life-changing experience.

What first turned me on to the Bug Catcherz line of stylist goodies was their “No See’ems” blouse front closures. I’m here to tell you, these things are totally amazing. If you’ve ever gotten that annoying gaping hole around your bust area when in a button-down blouse, Bug Catcherz No See’ems is your new can’t-live-without item. I’m serious.

The ingenious little fasteners work like so:


The double-sided clear tape seals above and below the button to give you a sleek tailored look. You simply slide the clear center opening behind and around the button. Then, once in position, peel away the back strips and press into place. (Note: for some shirts you may want to cut the strip a bit so it fits perfectly, I ran into this small issue with the blouse I tried it on yesterday.) Then put on your blouse and peel the other side of the strip and press the blouse together. Button like normal and you’ll be amazed at how sturdy it holds up and how nicely tailored your top looks. No more gaping hole!

Here’s what to expect:


Remember to remove the No See ’em strip before washing and that’s it! It’s a super simple, easy fix to your gaping blouse problem.

If you’re interested, Bug Catcherz also has a slew of other stylist goodies like fashion tape for specific outfits and events.

Their BUTTerflies adhesives help keep underwear from creeping and are also recommended for scoop-necked tops. This way you’re not giving everyone a show of the goods when bending down to pick things up.


There’s also variety packs that come with an assortment of fashion tape fixers like the Lacebugz wedding pack and Lacebugz formal wear pack. The fashion tape is great for holding bra straps in place, scarves, veils, corsages and any instant-tailoring.

You can get Bug Catcherz products at www.bugcatcherz.com.

  1. Wow these are great! I always have that problem with button-up shirts. Whenever you see a girl tugging and pulling at her outfit it totally ruins whatever she has on…this could be the perfect fix!

  2. um… embarrassingly enough, my co-workers and friends could probably tell you that i NEED the blouse closer… this company is super clever

  3. I love the names of these! They have some good ideas too! This is definitely a product geared towards women!!! We have all had those days.

  4. I love this product. Actually if you cold water delicate wash or put the garment in a bag and hang or lay flat to dry- you can get several washes with strip still holding up.

  5. Came across a site that sells assorted fashion tapes – wish they sold the bugcatcher as well but they have something like Hollywood Fashion Tapes but their prices are much more reasonable.

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