Father Figure: 7 Fab Finds for Father’s Day

Father Figure

In case it snuck up on you, Father’s Day is June 15th…aka…this weekend! Don’t worry though, I’ve got you covered. Not only can stay seated while you shop, you don’t have to take a trip to the Post Office to send your gift either! Yay!!! I have scoured the stores and sites for you and happened to find some pretty nifty gifts for every kind of guy from the Hipster, to a man who loves the great outdoors! Just point, click and pay! How great is that?!

1. For the Globe Trotter: These ready to hang canvas wrapped art pieces by Michael Tompsett feature a variety of World Maps including my personal fave, a World Map of Subways!

2. For the Comedian: Let’s face it, a lot of guys wear T-Shirts. While you may not be the biggest fan of this look Father’s Day is all about expressing your love and admiration for the Lugs in your life! What better way then a cheeky T-Shirt?! Here is one of my faves!

3. For the Handyman/Gardner/Biker/Hunting Dude: Ever notice how dirty and rough your fellas paws get? (There is a reason they are called man hands!) Well now you can show his digits some TLC with some all purpose gloves, with rugged prints like hunting camouflage it won’t hurt his manly image!

4. Hippest of Hippsters: We all know the guy, too cool for school and could very easily wear his sunglasses at night! Well here are some shades to keep his future bright without blinding him!

5. For the Talented Techie: Protect and perfect his iPad in style with a sleek case, and bluetooth wireless keyboard. His go-to gadget will become even more user friendly for IM’s, emails and those big games he watches on the go!

6. For the Superhero: You have heard the saying…”Always be yourself, unless you can be Batman. Then be Batman.” Well now he can with this Batarang Money Clip!

Whether he is picky or has everything and then some these gifts are sure to get his attention so he knows that to you, he will always be one rad dad!

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