Branch Bag ~ A True Sanity and Personal Item Saver

Founder, Delia Kosowicz, found herself daily searching for her essentials. Often leaving keys at home and needing to replace locks. Missing trains because she couldn’t find her metro card. Not being able to easily find her glasses in her tote. 

Wasting precious minutes in the morning while trying to get her and her daughter out the door! 

Sound familiar?

A handbag designer by trade, she combined her skill of design and her love of organization to create Bag Branch.  

Why it’s called the Bag Branch:

The design idea was born while laying on a hammock looking at the branches above. Inspiration struck while appreciating the grace with which the leaves hung on a branch!

With Bag Branch, daily essentials have the home base they deserve in a sleek bag accessory. Use it in any bag, and transfer with ease. Hope it brings you joy every day! 

She created this accessory because no one should fumble in their bags for important items we use often. Items like passport, glasses, phone, keys, earbuds, go-to cards, or mask. 

Here are a few highlights: 

  • Designed to allow quick access to essentials in your bag.
  • Made of lightweight quilted nylon, with a top closure, it can also be worn crossbody
  • It’s slim and transfers well from big tote to small purse to backpack
  • Retails for $28 (or $25 each for 4 or more – it’s a perfect gift item)

I recently tried a bag branch in the all-black style before a wedding and fell in love with the product! It is so slim and isn’t “just for women,” because when I am traveling, I need my passport, face mask, phone, wallet, etc.

Having the two different chain links to adjust the strap’s length is perfect for walking around a new city or just clipping it into a briefcase, for all of us who are constantly losing our stuff and flailing around panic-stricken for our ID’s. The branch bag is perfect for EVERYONE!

– Tyler Hollis, communications director for AZFoothills Magazine
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