Meet Chill Boys, the Go-to Boxers, and Briefs for Any Occasion

Chill Boys is passionate about one thing…YOUR comfort.  The idea for Chill Boys boxers was born from the need to be freed from the discomfort of sweaty, itchy, binding underwear.  

Working with an experienced clothing design team in St. Paul, Minnesota, they set out on a mission to design the most comfortable boxers and boxer briefs on the planet.

They are super comfortable, eco-friendly, and made with a high-performance fabric, so it’s a perfect gift for any guy in your life! Or women who also enjoy a comfortable boxer brief (no judgments).  

Their brand mission is super simple, to make everyday life more comfortable. Chill Boys should be very proud of their boxers, boxer briefs, and men’s apparel, and I know you will love the relaxed fit, soft feel, and luxury performance as much as I do.

Chill Boys come in four different types of boxers and boxer briefs. The “performance boxers” are a relaxed fit and are perfect for relaxing at home or going on a hike. The micro-mesh polymer makes them quick to dry, and they do not stay “damp” like other relaxed boxer shorts.

If you would like a more fitted boxer, then grab a pair of their boxer briefs. Again, super comfortable and dry in an instant!

However, my personal favorite are the bamboo boxer briefs and boxers.

With the breathable glide zone that makes them anti-chaffing and the no-sweat cool zone in the back. These are perfect for going to the gym or just sitting on the couch! My “boys” truly never felt more comfortable in a pair of boxers/boxer briefs.

No ride up, no wedgies, and no odors (sorry, that may have been a bit TMI, but whatever because they are that good)! Plus, the 95% viscose fabric from bamboo makes them eco-friendly, saving your “boys” and the environment all at one time!

So, ladies and gentlemen, if you are looking for comfortable and high-performance briefs/boxers, then here they are!

For more information or to order some Chill Boys, visit:

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