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Last night, as it often does in my house, sports ended up on the television screen. This time I was able to escape March Madness for soccer. Now, I know you are probably wondering how on earth I intend to turn this into a post about fashion, but just stay with me. The two teams playing in this particular match were U.S. and Mexico… some of you sports buffs may have already figured out where I am taking this… And who used to play for the U.S. soccer team? Yes, Mr. H&M Underwear himself, David Beckham. Victoria ‘Posh’ Beckham is clearly the next step in this sports-gone-fashion free association (fashion is generally where all of my thoughts end).

The ex-Spice Girl turned fashion designer and icon, launched her new site (victoriabeckham.com), her diffusion line Victoria Victoria, and ecommerce yesterday, much to the praise of fans.

Style Files checked out the website for ourselves. The design is clean: black text on a white background, accessories shown by themselves, and models in the same exact pose, with the same hair and shoes for every outfit. Victoria adds a bit of herself (as if the design doesn’t already scream Posh) with a note to her customers in the form of a popup screen. The only thing we aren’t so keen on is the seeming overuse of flash and the need to click “menu” and “close” to exit one screen and move on to the next category. But surely that won’t stop us from buying up our favorite pieces!

Here are our #1 picks from each category:

Ready to wear- icon


The ‘icon halter neck fitted dress’ is quintessential Mrs. Beckham—even the model resembles the designer a bit. The dress was first seen in the SS11. The halter neck is meant to lend a sporty touch to a classic dress.



Huge fans of crossbody bags, we will be swiping the credit card for this ‘zip pouch cross body’ very soon. The laser cut detailing make this functional bag très chic.

Victoria Victoria Beckham


VVB you had me a look 1. The ‘button down fitted dress’ is exquisite. It brings ladlylike past together with strong woman of the future. The juxtaposition of the lacy top and jacquard skirt proves Beckham’s impeccable design aesthetic.



The ‘loren’ sunglasses are currently sold out, but we can see why—the perfect oval shape, beautiful amber tortoiseshell and they are handmade in Italy.



Our favorite category is denim, and it was quite hard to narrow it down to one look, but at last the ‘chino’ won. Styled with a clean white fitted tank and pointy-toe pumps these navy trousers will make every woman feel as Posh as their (as in the pants) maker… also currently sold out.

By Kristianne Young

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