Post Fashion Week Blues

On a recent gig I had the opportunity to enter what I can only express in clean- enough- for- a- blog words as “my dream closet”. As much as I tried there was no way to hide my absolute jaw dropping, drooling and squirming delight over the contents of the perfectly organized collection of art- come fashion. The shoes alone made me want to cry with delight…. The vintage YSL’s, Valentino’s and Gucci pieces were just too much to handle let alone the accessories. The discerning eye and dedication that it takes to amass a spread of this sort is mind boggling…of course there were personal shoppers, shop keepers, tailors and perhaps even a personal meeting with a designer or two that all added up to sheer bliss. My palms are damp just thinking about it….


This event brought me back to my New York city days when I lived on the upper east side and it was nothing unusual to see the ladies of the house being escorted by their drivers, butlers or assistants white gloves, red lips and all into their “cars” for the days charity luncheon events while I passed by schlepping my makeup kits and trying to just hail a taxi that didn’t assume I was on my way to the airport. The weekends in this swanky part of town were filled with mostly European tourists popping through the miracle mile from Prada to Etro to Channel, though I love the downtown vibe there was nothing like a little Park Ave Princess sighting to light up your day!

Brooke Astor
Brooke Astor

Now that NY Fashion has settled back to business and despite the thrills coming out of Britain’s fashion crop this week I am feeling what I can only categorize as a fashion post partum. Not to beat a dead horse but here are a few invigorating moments for me from last weeks NY Fashion Week!

Sugar coated nails… yes you heard right, apparently, textured nails will be in for Spring …thanks to statement makers like Minx there will be no need to stress over those little dings and polish chips Catherine Malandrino showed these super- sweet talons.

Malandrino Spring 2010 RTW
Catherine Malandrino

Blake Lively donning Minx Nail Art

At Marchesa there were feathers galore, on the lashes that is… if you are thinking been there or done that or seen that makeup artist Talia Shobrook added lashes in a new way instead of jutting straight out from the lid, lashes were placed on the angle for an odd, albeit fairytale effect.

Feather Eyelashes at Marchesa

Feather Eyelashes at Marchesa

Feather Eyelashes at Marchesa

The Olsen twins serving drinks at Fashion’s Night Out… amidst the jam- packed week of celeb sightings the little darlings of The Row were dolling out the bubbly at Bergdorf’s while Victoria Beckham and Marc Jacobs greeted delighted guests.

Mary Kate & Ashley

Victoria Beckham

From Left: Lady Gaga, Marc Jacobs, Madonna

Rhianna wears her sunglasses at night… the ever- edgy songstresses sported super studded shades… Though I can’t imagine the dizzying dots of vision she must have experienced, I have to give it to the girls she never ceases to surprise.


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