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Nina Garcia

Here we are fresh into what should officially be fall and as I sit here at my keyboard, like a broken record I am having that “what do I wear” conversation with myself. You see, later today I am being the makeup “expert” on two occasions… a little video spot for an online website and a TV spot for a morning show. This is something I have done at least a dozen times yet still those little voices in my head cast a crazy doubt about the outfits hanging in my wardrobe bags. Why just the other day I found myself effortlessly coming to the rescue of a dear friend with nary a frock to wear to a cocktail soiree, yet somehow my objectivity ends at my own front stoop.

I supposed Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is my fall closet. To ease my wardrobe woes this month I am definitely going to check out the latest style advice tomes from a few of my favorite fashion mavens.

Nina Garcia
Nina Garcia

Love or loathe her Nina Garcia Project Runways incomparable judge and Editor at Large for Marie Claire magazine is now dolling out sage fashion advice perfect for our tightened wallets in her third hardcover aptly named The Style Strategy – A –Less- is -More Approach to Staying Chic and Shopping Smart If you’ve skimmed Ms Garcia other fabulous pennings The Little Black Book of Style and The One Hundred then you are familiar with her no-nonsense approach to building your wardrobe and doing it with a sense of chic.


This latest title is chock full of ways to maintain a sense of high- end style on a less than Park Avenue budget. Garcia takes a classic approach asking the questions

What do I have? What do I need? What do I want? to help eliminate the unnecessary spending and impulse buys. For moi the most delightful aspect of the book is the celebration of some of the most extraordinary women of the past, who remained admiringly fashion-forward during their own era’s economic crisis. Proving, yes fashion fabulous ones- you can learn to be practical and stylish!

Kerr and Power
Kerr and Power

Another on my list is a title recently launched from the duo behind WhoWhat the be- there -or –be- square must- read online fashion mag. Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power have taken all their tricks of the trade, low fuss fashion accessibility and packaged it in this fun to read compendium called Who What Wear: Celebrity and Runway Style for Real Life.


Stuffed with everything from “runway to real life” ideas, celebrity style contributors including the two Rachel’s – Zoe and Bilson and a zillion “How to” tutorials. If you haven’t had the pleasure of perusing the site Kerr and Power bring a well- schooled approach to style from their days as Elle, Magazine editors and contributing writer for Nylon and Teen Vogue.

All in all these two are great weekend reads…the weekend before you break out the Amex for your fall fashion fixes.

  1. I love Nina Garcia. What I’m wondering is how in the world she has time to be the editor at large for Marie Claire, plus write books plus be on Project Runway! Bet she has a cazy schedule!

  2. this is perfect for me – – i always find myself STUMPED. i feel like i am constantly picking up pieces here and there and still never have an appropriate outfit

  3. I for one always stumble around in my closet, for what seems hours, looking for new ways to wearing the same classic pieces. These reads will give me inspiration to buy cute affordable add-ons that keep my classics looking new.

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