More Emmys Best Dressed!

Of course I don’t want to beat this conversation to death but as we know the day after an awards show a girls twitter inbox can get a little out of control! The Emmys scoop on the street was all a buzz about January Jones Versace Atelier peacock blue gown. Some loved it, some hated it… the style panel and I all agreed on our post Emmys show that the dress for us was a thumbs up.

We applaud a risk taker and Ms Jones is certainly that. But, having said that I fear that is where the love ended for me, the gown was spectacular, but the hair was a wind blown mess. Either the hair didn’t go with the dress, or the dress didn’t go with the hair I am not sure, but I really hoped for a little more of a polished look. And January my dear you did commit the ultimate starlet sin…you forgot the designer’s name! You would think that remembering what you are wearing would be part of the red carpet 101 class, but I guess a few people must have been out sick that day…hmm

Anyway on to some of my other favorites… I have to hand it to Jane Lynch, not only is this women possibly the funnies person on TV but she cleans up better than Mr.. Clean himself. Her purple asymmetrical gown with the brooch detail fit her like a glove and the hair and makeup were just lovely..Bravo!!

I also thought that Jane Krakowski and Jayma Mays both looked pretty from head to toe.
Jane wore Versace in a deep blue with her hair swept in a pretty updo and Jayma echoed the look in a Burberry navy gown with cascading red curls.

I also absolutely adored Kerry Russell’s bright pink vintage halter dress by Sherrer with the accordion pleats. Though the top seemed a tad ill fitted I thought Ms Russell just glowed and the beautiful Jennifer Behr hairpiece was the perfect addition.

Did you notice that so many of the night celebs kept the jewelry to a minimum, often times wearing only earrings and a ring, or in some cases only a few stacked bangles… I have to say there is something about minimal elegance that always works in my book.

And I just have to mention Heidi Klum… If I didn’t adore her so I would obviously say…okay Heidi we get you are from another planet, you have popped out four babies and you still look incredible…clearly you have hit the genetic jackpot… but being that I do adore her I will say… yes it was a micro mini and clearly I have no idea how one would sit in that little bitsy thing, but you looked gloriously gorgeous and we are all jealous!

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