Get the Look- Oscars Best Beauty

After the Nicole Kidman’s red carpet powdery face debacle I had let the cat out of the bag that since 9/11 makeup artists are no longer allowed to walk the extra long red carpet with celebs. I suppose these days many celebs are expected to go it alone during their walk which we all know could be a little treacherous… let’s face it these ladies many win accolades for acting but they are not necessarily makeup experts. But, apparently walking the red runway of ogling alone only holds true for some awards shows but not for the BIG night- of Oscarama. As witnessed last Sunday everyone seemed to be more than picture perfect (except for a few strategic flyaway hairs) so now the secret number two has emerged… Renowned makeup artist Bruce Grayson enlists a team of about twenty two artists to set up camp in the pre-stage green room for celeb touch ups.

Though many celebs just drop by to take a gander in the mirror others may require a little more TLC. Grayson and his team are prepared for false lashes popping off, worn off lipstick and blotting tissues galore to soak up the shine. No wonder Sandra Bullock looked flawless all night long!

If you were as smitten with the gorgeous faces as I was, here are a few ways to recreate these favorite looks at home or for your own Paparazzi moments.

Jennifer Lopez makeup artist used Nars D. Gorgeous Single Eyeshadow and Brousse Duo Eyeshadow to create a soft lilac pastel eye then he kicked up the drama with a bit of liner and lots of lashes. On cheeks he used Enchanted cream blush
(not on counters til April ..bummer) then layered lips with Cruising lipstick and Sweet Dream lip gloss. The effect was a soft and gorgeous Spring makeup look that will work day or night.

To get the look that Cameron Diaz (and Charlize Theron for that matter) sported, Diaz makeup artist Robin Fredricksz used Chanel Soft Touch Eye Shadow in Sand in the crease then lined the entire eye top and bottom with Intense Eye Pencil in Noir, followed by a few coats of mascara. Cameron’s crimson lips were lined with Chanel Lip Definer in Rouge, followed by the newest Chanel creation Rouge Coco Lip Colour in Gabrielle. To keep the look monochromatic she dabbed a bit of lipstick on the cheeks and blended well for a soft glow. This look was truly a spin on classic 40’s Hollywood glamour that works for any dressy occassion!

Sandra Bullocks makeup artist Angela Levin wanted to give her a true movie star look with a modern feel. She used Chanel Vitalumiere foundation to create a flawless look to the skin. She then added Chanel Les Regardes de Chanel palette of browns to define brows, enhance, then line the eyes. This was followed by that perfect pink-red shade on the lips Chanel Rouge Coco Lip colour in Paris as with Cameron, Sandra’s makeup artist also applied the lip color onto cheeks and blended for a gorgeous healthy glow.

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