5 Steps to Healthy Post-Halloween Skin

Happy Halloween! By now I’m sure that you have made all the necessary preparations: purchased the candy, found the custome, and decided which party you’ll be attending after you put the kids to bed and call the babysitter. So what more could I possibly have to say if I’m convinced that you are ready? Well, what I have to share today will help you when all the candy has been eaten and your alter ego has been put away…. That is, how to make sure your Halloween fun doesn’t wreak havoc on your skin.

photo: michellephan.com

1. Just like any other day, make sure to stay hydrated. Drinking lots of water will help your skin recover quickly and aid in detox after all those Holloween treats.

2. Make sure to cleanse and then use a good moisturizer prior to applying your makeup look. If you have extra sensitive skin try applying a layer of foundation as well to create a barrier between your skin and the makeup.

3. Purchase quality costume makeup. The cheap stuff can potentially dry out the skin and may contain more irritants. There are even organic paint sets available.

4. Wash your face immediately. No matter how tired, how sick (from all that chocolate), how over-it-all you are it is important to get off that makeup as soon as possible, even quality makeup can clog your pores. Use your favorite cleanser, makeup remover, and toner for the tough stuff. Remember to be gentle around the eyes, use a cotton ball and a good eye make remover or vitamin e oil.

5. If you feel like your skin still needs some extra love in the days after use an at-home facial mask or head to your favorite spa for a professional facial.

A more internal approach to keeping skin glowing comes in the form of food… Yay! Right?

Fiber in beets help increase the production of antioxidant enzymes in the liver, which help the liver and gallbladder eliminate bile and other toxic substances from the body.Ginger and garlic are good friends to the liver because they help it get rid of free radicals that are built up in the body.Think beyond delicate tea sandwiches and throw some peppery watercress into your next salad. It keeps free radicals away from your cells, helps energize cleansing enzymes in the liver, and is a natural diuretic.

By Kristianne Young

Sources: fitsugar.com, refinery29.com

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