5 Beauty Resolutions to Make for 2012

5 Beauty Resolutions to Make for 2012

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Here it is the start of 2012! Here’s hoping that you had a very Happy New Year celebration! Of course every year at this time we tend to evaluate all the gluttony and pounds that we packed on over the holidays and swear that we will annihilate every calorie and ounce of fat from our currently scale tipping bodies. Or after a particularly stressful 2011 we vow that we will find a way to balance our lives ie: less stress, more sleep etc etc.

I could wax poetically about all the life changing self affirming things that we should all do…. But perhaps it’s best just for today if I stick to the beauty side of it.

And even though I dole out skin care and beauty advice with good intentions to my clients I know, I am guilty of a few bad habits as well. So if you want to look better, firmer, younger or just plain refreshed in 2012 here are a few beauty resolutions you can try out for a spin and in the process benefit in a few other areas as well.

Make a pact to take off your makeup before bedtime- I know, it sounds easy and even I have succumbed at the end of a particularly hectic day to falling into bed and forgetting to cleanse. This nasty little habit is enemy número UNO to your skin. All that icky bacteria, dirt, makeup and sweat sinks deeper into your skin and overnight when skin should be repairing itself it’s actually getting more damage from all the yuck left behind. Try cleansing your skin earlier in the evening rather than waiting right before bedtime that way your skin has time to breathe and the act of washing your face doesn’t startle you from an almost slumber ready bliss.

Set a once a week routine to -Wash your makeup brushes!
I can’t think of a more important weekly beauty routine than this yet it’s the one thing that majority of women don’t do. To put it gently, your makeup brushes collect dirt, bacteria, sloughed off dead skin cells and yes oodles of old makeup all swirled in to one nasty little fluffy brush, then you smear it all over your face daily. Sounds….like a scene from a horror movie no? Get in the Habit of washing your brushes once a week with a mild baby shampoo, Woolite detergent or an organic soap. I love Dr Bronners myself as it gets out every ounce of dirt and smells yummy.

Apply sunscreen daily!
Sometimes, I really can’t believe how many people in Arizona don’t wear sunscreen. Often I hear “my makeup has sunscreen in it” Guess what love, the people who made that makeup, didn’t factor in that you live in the hottest pace on Earth. So back up that makeup with a primary layer of good old fashion SPF 30. Sun damage and skin cancers generally occur from the cumulative exposure to sun throughout our life time and you will be thanking me later for nagging you into this daily routine..trust me

Eat five a day of fruits and veggies!
Sorry, I had to go there. Most of us don’t eat enough fruits and veggies and if we did we would see a major change in our skin. Eating a diet rich in greens like spinach, kale and broccoli plus anti oxidant charged blue, straw and raspberries will make your skin glow, with fewer breakout and ultimately firmer skin. And the overall impact it has on your health with a flatter tummy, weight loss and improved health is the biggest bonus you could ask for.

Drink your 8!
It’s not a secret that water is the best thing you can drink (especially after all those delectable holiday flavors at Starbucks) and the benefits are far reaching- it hydrates the skin, flushes out toxins, and helps brain, muscle and metabolism functions… The list goes on for days, like it can help you lose weight when you replace your other beverages with water. Eight 8-12oz glasses a day are recommended for optimum health.

Happy New year… and happy new skin!

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