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How to Design a Southwest Inspired Patio

Enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, and extend the living space of your home with the addition of a Southwest inspired patio. If you’ve been wondering what to do with your patio, or if your patio has become dull and boring, now is the perfect time to get inspired and create the beautiful and comfortable space you crave. Infuse the colors, textures, and décor of the southwest into your patio, then mix yourself a margarita, relax, and enjoy a beautiful sunset.



For Sale: Evergreen Historic District

Robson 61

Welcome to one of the most highly sought after homes in the Evergreen Historic District of Mesa. There truly is no home in the Valley of the Sun that is quite like this one. The home has been the stage of many TV commercials and professional photo shoots for a variety of uses and media. Step inside and you'll see just why. The widely treelined streets, the gathering of an eclectic variety of bungalow homes, and the quaint and tight knit community of neighbors complete the feel of times past while incorporating the convenience and amenities that a modern family requires. Built by a medical doctor in the early...


Three Luxury Items for Your Home You May Not Have Considered

One could define luxury as the ultimate experience of a mundane necessity. It could also be said that a certain amount of luxury is a requirement for human happiness. We are not just creatures of necessity; we are creatures of experience. Food fulfills the necessity. Luxury dining fulfills the experience. Clothes fulfill the necessity. Luxury apparel fulfills the experience. Shelter fulfills the necessity. A luxurious home fulfills the experience. 



Q & A with Michael Meldman of Discovery Land Company

Q & A with Michael Meldman of Discovery Land Company


Publisher Michael Dee chats with Meldman of Discovery Land Company about upcoming projects, his epic Halloween party and more. (Continued from our latest feature in Arizona Foothills Magazine.)

MM: And there’s likes a lot of competition in Vail and certain things like that so and it’s got a lot of real outdoor activities so it fits right into to everything...


A Weekend of Grand Openings and Giveaways at Vistancia

7670 Vistancia-Entry 01 copy copy

Vistancia is set amongst a stunning backdrop of endless mountain ranges featuring dramatic sunset views of the White Peak, Twin Buttes and the Bradshaw Mountains in pristine desert surroundings. Vistancia unites the best of authentic Arizona with a progressive living environment. The Village, Blackstone and 

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