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Closet Case: Style Interview with Jill Laine

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Jill Laine is a garment maverick. She is the type to make Pucci python skirts plausible, Hermes Birkin bags sensible and mink coats in July conceivable. Jill was born with great taste. The bombshell blonde in Balmain can often be found in Barneys, but Jill loves a good deal and, like a heat-seeking-missile, she finds exquisite treasures at stores such as My Sister’s Closet.

“Chic is chic, and if I can find it a better price, that is chic-er,” Jill adds on the topic of her couture, bargain hunting habits. It’s no secret that Laine’s confidence in style is not the norm. That being said, Jill began a new chic endeavor as a style coach where she teaches a “secrets of style” workshop. I sit down with the swirl-of-style and ask her about her thoughts on fashion...