Fun and Non-Traditional Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

As the national day of love quickly approaches, couples all around the Valley are searching to find the perfect date for Valentine’s Day.  This year, stray away from the traditional dinner-and-a-movie date and try some of the following five fun non-traditional Valentine’s Day date ideas.  With these ideas, you are sure to have a Valentine’s Day to remember!

1. Bungee Jumping


For all adrenaline-seeking couples out there, this is the Valentine’s Day date for you!  Less expensive than skydiving, bungee jumping is the perfect outdoor adventure.  Stepping out of your comfort zone and taking the leap of faith will make you closer than ever this Valentine’s Day.

2. A Picnic For Two


With perfect weather this time of year, Arizona is the prime place to have a nice picnic.  Surprising your partner with a romantic picnic date will show how thoughtful you are.  Throw some food and a couple of glasses for champagne in a picnic basket and go to one of the many picnic-worthy locations in the Valley!

3. Dancing the Night Away


There’s nothing better to help you break out of your traditional date routine than a night out dancing. Luckily for you, Phoenix is home to a plethora of places to go dancing with your partner, whether you’re looking to two step or hit the club.  You might even consider slow dancing with just the two of you under the moonlight!

For ideas on places to go dancing on Valentine’s day, check AZ Foothill’s Nightlife page.

4. A Plan to Have No Plan


Sometimes a little spontaneity is much needed.  Drive through streets you wouldn’t normally go to, visit museums and shopping malls and dine at restaurant you haven’t eaten at yet.  Let the night take you where it takes you, enjoying the ride along the way.

5. Recreate Your First Date


Unless you went skydiving on your first date, recreating your first date may stray into the area of a traditional date, but it is an evening that will stand out for you nonetheless.  Recreating your first date will remind each other why you began liking the other person in the first place.  Act like that new, young couple you were when you just began.  There are few days where it’s OK to be a little cheesy, and Valentine’s Day is one of them!

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