3 Healthy, Organic Restaurants in Phoenix

It’s easy to eat all organic, food at home. Just revert your grocery shopping destination to Trader Joe’s. Eating all organic while dining out? Not so easy. Try our tasty top three choices for organic dining in the Valley, you’ll be surprised how much better you will feel.


Situated inside the lovely FireSky Resort and Spa, Taggia is an Italian eatery with sophisticated style from the Mediterranean. Know that while you’re taking pleasure in your satisfying pasta dish, the ingredients are mainly organic. Taggia offers Old Town Scottsdale a dining experience that is “rustic, yet refined” and reminiscent of the Italian Riviera. Flavorful dishes like Spaghettini with Diver Scallops and Spicy Sausage are on the menu. Available for breakfast, lunch and dinner, come in for the amazing food or even a colorful cocktail.
4925 N. Scottsdale Road
Scottsdale, AZ. 85251
480.424.6095, www.taggiascottsdale.com

True Food Kitchen
The local celeb, Sam Fox has teamed up with health expert and author Andrew Weil to give us True Food Kitchen, so going out doesn’t have to be body threatening. Located in Biltmore Fashion Park, True Food Kitchen celebrates the simple, pure flavors of quality local and regional ingredients with a menu that “tastes great while nourishing your mind, body and spirit.” Just because the menu is packed with nutritious, good-for-you vegetables, whole grains, and proteins, flavor is never sacrificed. True Food utilizes natural, hormone and antibiotic-free chicken, turkey and certified, natural angus beef. And rest assured that everything is cooked in healthy fats like extra virgin olive oil and expellier pressed canola oil. Most of the pastas are wheat free and made from brown and white rice, and the pizza crusts/pita breads are made in-house with organic flour, spelt and flax seed. There are also 16 vegetarian, 6 vegan, and 10 gluten-free items on the menu. The list goes on and on. In other words, try it out!
2502 E. Camelback Road, Suite 135
Phoenix, AZ 85016

The Painted Horse Café
Not only do the chefs at The Painted Horse Café use only organic produce and meats, but this unique restaurant is set in the picturesque mountains above the Valley. This charming café will allow you to treat your palate to a culinary experience of American Contemporary and worldly eclectic dishes. You will have the option of dining inside surrounded by stylistic paintings depicting the modern West’s wild horses and working cowboys, or dining on the patio in front of a roaring fire with mountain views. Available for breakfast, lunch and dinner, there is really something for everyone on the menu!
10989 E. Dynamite Blvd., Suite 103
Scottsdale, AZ. 85262
480.585.8499, restauranteur.com/paintedhorse

  1. True Food is my favorite restaurant here. They use so many ingredients that aren’t even available at any places in the Valley other than health food stores. AND it’s sooooo good!

  2. ahhhh soooooo good …soo healthy!! mm mmmm mmm!! wish it wasn’t all the way at Biltmore though…they should get one over in Scotts!

  3. If you are ever in Tempe, you have to try out The Center. Doesn’t fit the usual Tempe style, very sleek place with a yoga studio upstairs. They have organic beer and will give you comlimentary smoothie shots

  4. I love TF, but I have yet to try the other two… They are now in the queue, though. Thank you for the awesome review!
    ~Chelsea, Whole Foods Market Scottsdale

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