How to Make a Road Trip Fun and Stress-free

Expansive roads, epic natural scenery and peaceful time alone or valued bonding time with friends and family are what most look forward to when taking a road trip. Oftentimes, little things like getting lost or disagreeing about what music to play cause extraneous stress to get in the way. Here is some advice on how to make your next road trip more stress-free, enjoyable and memorable.


Get Going
Once everything is packed and ready to go, hit the road with an inspiring playlist that will keep everyone in the car motivated and in high spirits. Select which type of music you’d like to listen to by mood, genre or activity on Songza, a free app for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire. The Road Trip category offers mood-attuned playlists like Hamptons Beach Traffic, Sing-Along, and ’90s Crowd Pleasing Hits.

If you’re more of a books-on-tape kind of person, Stuff You Should Know is a podcast that includes shows on volcanoes, the digestive system, the Bermuda Triangle, and the history of the Barbie doll.

If kids are in the car, keep them occupied with PBS’ great list of creative games, such as The License Plate Game and “I wonder where that car is going?”

Refuel Smart
Make the most of your gas station stops with either GasBuddy or Gas Guru, available for iOS and Android. Both apps display the locations of nearby gas stations and their current prices.

When you’re back on the highway driving and hungry, reach for the free RoadAhead iOS app, which tells you where your preferred food establishments are. It lists eateries by exit, as well as showing nearby parks where you can stretch your legs and breathe some fresh air.

Go Off the Beaten Path
To discover diversions along the way to your main destination, check out Roadtrippers. Sign up and plug in your start and end locations on the website and you’ll get a list of quirky places to visit along the way–from ’50s diners to abandoned amusement parks. Once you’ve created a Bucket List on the site, download the free iOS app, sync your account, and you’ll have an itinerary of interesting pit stops in the palm of your hand.

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