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May Superfoods

The temps may be heating up, but that doesn’t stop healthy and delicious superfoods from growing. From fire engine red strawberries to sunset orange apricots, here are some in-season superfoods for the month of May.


During the month of May, strawberries are at their best. Just one serving of this summer fruit contains more vitamin C than an orange and offers protection against heart attacks, cognitive decline and skin damage from UV rays.


Though small in size, peas are packed with good-for-you nutrients. These little guys are loaded with fiber and vitamins A, C and K, which are necessary to maintain healthy blood and bones.


Just one single apricot contains a good portion of your daily A and C vitamins, plus some extra fiber, iron and potassium.


Just like it’s cousin, broccoli, cauliflower comes from the cruciferous vegetable family that’s known for their anti-inflammatory properties. Research points to possible protection against cancer and stroke if cauliflower is consumed.


A cross between a raspberry and a blueberry, boysenberries are chock-full of antioxidants and vitamins, and are also rich in fiber.

Source: Huffington Post

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