Best and Worst Halloween Candy for Your Health

It’s officially October, and Halloween is just around the corner. It’s time to start thinking about costumes, fun decorations, and, yes, what you’re going to put into that ubiquitous Halloween pumpkin candy bucket.

Here is some of the best and worst Halloween candy for your health to keep in mind this holiday season:

The Good


Chocolate fans, rejoice! Chocolate is a less sticky candy that can be easily washed off your teeth when followed by brushing or a glass of water.

Sugar-Free Gum

Chewing sugar-free gum leaves no trace of that harmful sticky residue because it’s sweetened with xylitol, a natural sugar that bacteria cannot form plaque on.

The Bad

Sour Candy

Sour candy has a high amount of acidic content, which can further break down tooth enamel and cause cavities. And don’t get fooled by powdery sour candy, like Pixie Stix, either. Even though the powder may dissolve quickly and no chewing is involved, its only ingredient is pure sugar, which can lead to cavities.

And the Ugly


Though hard candy like lollipops or jawbreakers aren’t the most damaging of sweets, they are still harmful for your teeth. Since hard candies take a while to dissolve, a lot of us are tempted to bite them, which can fracture your teeth. Even if you wait for the candy to dissolve, your mouth becomes more acidic.

Taffy and Sticky Fillings

Sticky taffy and sweet candies with fillings like caramel, coconut or nuts are one of the worst candy for your pearly whites. The candy can tack onto every groove and surface inside your mouth, and the longer it sticks, the more bacteria forms. The acid can eventually develop into future cavities. Yuck!

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