Celebrate Sassoon Salon Scottsdale’s 20th Birthday

For quite a while now, I have wanted to change up my hair color, though however slight (I’m naturally a light brunnette, always admiring rich-hued chocolate browns).

A self-proclaimed “natural girl,” I admire the avant-garde but am at least under the personal impression that I cannot pull it off myself. Classically edgy, respected hair aficionado Sassoon Salon concept embodies this and works with a client to complement his/her own unique style.

So, I decided to go under the sprush.

My color was serviced by expert Color Director Nathan Booth, who has been with the salon for a solid 13 years. An Arizona native, Nathan apprenticed in London and has serviced a distinguished clientele in Washington DC, Atlanta and Costa Mesa Sassoon locations, until finally returning to Scottsdale in 2004. With a friendly understanding of an expert,  Nathan put any further color-feared doubt to rest, after showing him a magazine-clipped example of what I wished my hair to look like.  Custom mixing three hues of color, Nathan went to work.

Still pending to see the color under my just-washed hair, I was placed in the expert hands of 30-year Sassoon maestro Creative Director David Goodwin for a cut and style. Goodwin has taught in Sassoon salons internationally, from Manchester and Munich, to San Francisco and Santa Monica. Sassoon virtues of clean lines and straight edges with high shine mixed with my personalized request to keep it to a trim with textured body.

The Result: A perfectly manageable, fresh look that’s maintained out of the salon, even the day after.


A look from the Fall/Winter 2011 collection MINIMUM

This Thursday, Sassoon Salon Scottsdale will celebrate its 20th anniversary this with a daylong celebration that will include:

  • The first ten people who call and say “Happy Anniversary” when booking a service for the 22nd, will be given the option of a haircut or color service at 1991’s pricing.
  • Cuts starting at $49 (regularly starting at $72)
  • Tints starting at $49 (regularly starting at $80)
  • Highlights starting at $99 (regularly starting at $140)
  • All other clients that visit the salon on the 22nd will receive $19.91 off their entire bill
  • Complimentary snacks and sips 
  • Walk-ins who get complimentary consultations will get cut, color and treatment vouchers for future visits
  • The first twenty clients to visit the salon on the 22nd will leave with special product gifts
  • Cut, color services, treatment and product giveaways ALL DAY

The Fall/ Winter 2011, MINIMUM collection by Vidal Sassoon features tailored block-style colors of classic minimalism, developed by Sassoon European Color Director Peter Dawson. Precise placement of ‘accents’ of colors add tone and contrast, working in tandem with the shape and cut of the hair to create sweeping accent lines that bring the look to life.

Annually, Sassoon Salon creates five distinct collections to go with the seasons; spring, summer, fall, winter, and a mid-season collection between the warmer and cooler months. Inspired by everything from the silhouettes of clothes to art and furniture, there is a simplistic thought with professional technique behind each look. Although looks from this year’s MINIMUM collection may be overly-striking for some, Goodwin says not to worry, comparing the collection as the “couture of hair” that can be transformed ito “ready to wear,” with accoutrements of the practical and personal for the more everyday.

The Salon will be open on September 22nd from 9:45am – 7:30pm and are accepting appointments immediately. To book, please call: 480.949.3337. The Salon is located at 6961 East Fifth Avenue in Scottsdale.

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