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Q:  Hello Dr. Repta.  Thank you in advance for answering my question.  I have been thinking of getting a nose job forever but I am afraid of looking fake or having a nose that doesn’t fit my face or personality.  How can this be prevented? —-Jen

A:  Hello Jen.  It’s my pleasure.  I love what I do.  I think your concern is very common and one that a lot of people who are considering a rhinoplasty (nose job) also have.  A rhinoplasty can be a wonderfully powerful way to improve not only the way your nose looks but also how it functions and how the balance of the face is restored.  When thorough surgeon-patient discussion during the consultation takes place and is followed by a well thought out surgical plan and meticulous attention to surgical detail, a natural and balanced nasal shape and appearance can be accomplished.  Personally, I prefer to treat each part of the nose separately and then combine everything to get the final result.  I think doing so results in an inherently naturally looking and well-functioning nose with great long-term results.  The before and after photos below are an example of the subtle, yet profound changes that can be accomplished with a properly planned and well-performed rhinoplasty procedure.


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