Tyler’s Taste Talks: Brunch at SugarJam The Southern Kitchen

Growing up, I always had family dispersed throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, North Florida, and several other places. It was always such a treat to visit them all from California and enjoy some authentic southern cuisine.

As I’m sure, most of you know, Arizona and Southern California deserts are not a mecca for gourmet southern dishes. BUT, I have had the pleasure of knowing Dana Dumas for over a year now, and it brings me such joy to talk about her latest Scottsdale restaurant location, SugarJam The Southern Kitchen!

Dana is one of the kindest individuals I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. She genuinely cares about her craft of cooking and it reflects in the wholesome flavor of her dishes!

Suppose you are looking to switch things up and want to leave a restaurant, barely moving because you tried to finish your entire plate. Head up to Dana’s restaurant in North Scottsdale to be transported back to those nostalgic and delicious southern recipes.


As an avid brunch enthusiast, SugarJam has THE BEST weekend brunch I have ever had here in the Valley. The “Savory Waffle N’ Country Fried Chicken Breast’ plate was out of this world.

I don’t really enjoy sweets, so sometimes, I have a few bites with waffles, and then I’ve sort of had my fix. But, Dana makes a “cheddar n’ chive” waffle that is topped with country-fried chicken and housemade sausage gravy. It is so good and makes a typically sweet waffle savory.

But the fried chicken is what is the piece de resistance! If you for a second think that a Lo Lo’s Chicken and Waffles is authentic, then you have to head to SugarJam. It blows any of those vast restaurant chains out of the water.

Now, my mother had the “Parisian French Toast Breakfast” and again needed a wheelchair because she made herself finish the plate! The Grand Marnier marinated challah bread, and a housemade rum pecan Maple syrup was AMAZING!

I don’t know how Dana comes up with taking these very traditional toppings and infuses them with other flavors. But, the end result is just absolutely delicious, and you do not want to put the fork down.

To top it all off, what is brunch without a mimosa? Am I right? The fully stocked bar at SugarJam is excellent for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

For brunch, though, I hadn’t had a fresher experience when it came to mimosas. Any other place just gives you basic juice on the side that is store-bought or, as they try to tell you, “freshly squeezed.”

The bartenders at SugarJam muddle fresh blackberries, raspberries, mint leaves, and so much more to provide unique mimosa combinations. The Bramble Berry Mimosa, Just Beachy, Strawberry-Orange Mosa, and Lemon Mango Mosa are so tasty.

Plus, if you to try more than one, SugarJam has a “Mimosa Flight of Three” for only $20. I ended up having four… but who’s counting!

I also may have had the Orangesicle Beermosa, and I am not apologizing for it! I love me a “beermosa,” and if you don’t know what it is, it’s Papago Orange Blossom beer with orange juice. If champagne isn’t your fancy, then try it with a tasty local orange wheat ale instead.

But, the mimosas are only half of it, and guests can try a wide array of SugarJams’ signature cocktails like Mint Juleps, Strawberry Mules, or the Berry Cobbler Smash. Either way, there is something for everyone at SugarJam!

So after stuffing your face with some fantastic brunch plates, if you can still walk, stop by the bakery for a sweet treat to-go. Dana has won dozens of awards for her signature pies and other baked goods. Find out for yourself why she has been deemed one of the “Best Pie Bakers in the Country” from the Food Network and other major television outlets.

The Customer Service

Before I go, I just want to mention something real quick about SugarJam. While I was there, another customer had a miscommunication about how they wanted their eggs cooked.

Only at SugarJam, have I seen the owner, Dana Dumas, and the head chef be visible on such an open floor plan. Both the Chef and Dana were able to speak with the customer about exactly what they wanted and how to fix it.

You don’t get that kind of service in the mainstream brunch locations here in Scottsdale. Witnessing the amount of care both the chef, cooks, and Dana place onto making sure you as a guest are happy is just so unique.

It really brought me back to going to South Carolina for Christmas or Thanksgiving and experiencing that old-fashioned southern hospitality. It is evident at SugarJam because they just simply care about your experience. If there is an issue, you can literally speak to the chef from your table and chat about fixing it.

I want to thank Dana Dumas for your fantastic hospitality and authentic southern cuisine. It fills such a void here in Scottsdale, and I can’t wait to come back for dinner.

We here at AZFoothills.com wish you the best and can’t wait to feature your dinner menu!

For more information on SugarJam The Southern Kitchen visit, https://www.sjsouthernkitchen.com/.

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