A Taste of Toro Restaurant and Rum Bar

toro ceviche
We have a New Year’s resolution for you: get to Fairmont Scottsdale Princess to savor the just-opened Toro Restaurant and Rum Bar. Located at the re-designed TPC clubhouse, Toro is sure to be a popular spot come the end of January when Waste Management Phoenix Open kicks off. A collaboration with Chef Richard Sandoval, who is also behind the resort’s amazing La Hacienda restaurant, Toro has a menu bursting with delicious Pan Latin cuisine. (Pan Latin cuisine is inspired by the flavors of Latin America, most specifically rooted in the Japanese and Chinese Peruvian cultures.)
Toro’s version of the bread basket, pan de bono,  a gluten-free Colombian cheese bread served with a rocoto Peruvian salsa, is a knockout way to kick off a meal at Toro. The exterior is crisp and sweet–almost like a cookie–while the interior is warm, gooey and cheesy. Toro’s signature item is suviche–a tasty combo of sushi and ceviche. The lineup of rolls is creative and bursting with ingredients you can’t wait to try, like maple miso. The Rainbow Tropical Roll is a table favorite, brimming with tuna, hamachi and salmon. To bring in the Latin influence is heaping spoonfuls of refreshing avocado-mango-papaya salsa. The Crunchy Shrimp Roll is another must-try, thanks to the spicy sesame-chipotle mayo.
toro corn empanadas
For a hot appetizer, both the corn empanadas and parmesan-crusted scallops are tops. The empanadas are deliciously crispy and full of aji amarillo, mozzarella, cilantro and chimichurri, offering just a hint of spice. The scallops, with decadent lemon butter, are bright and flavorful.
Though the Toro menu is brimming with small plates that together would make an amazing meal, there are a few larger entrees that aren’t to be missed, including the Australian lamb chops, with cucumber yogurt and yucca puree, and any of the hearty grilled meats, all served with chimichurri, horseradish and chipotle barbecue salsas. On the side, the utterly creamy and decadent pork belly mac and cheese is heaven-sent.
To end the mean, the avocado panna cotta is light, airy and refreshing–even after a hearty meal. The rosemary jelly that accompanies the panna cotta adds just the right amount of savory. And, of course, Toro specializes in rum. There is even a Rum Princesa on staff who can offer up great knowledge and recommendations–you’ll need it, there are more than 110 rums to choose from. scottsdaleprincess.com.

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