A Taste of Kona Grill Scottsdale Quarter

With four successful locations already found throughout the Valley, Kona Grill has opened a fifth location at Scottsdale Quarter that is sure to be just as popular as its sister outposts. During a recent lunch visit, we sampled a few Kona Grill favorites in the sleek new space.
The first thing Kona Grill guests will notice is the handsome space, including a lava lamp-looking wall feature as they walk into the space, a sizable sushi bar, a large indoor/outdoor patio and a tree-inspired wall feature, all providing plenty of eye candy as they dig into their favorite dishes.
The two dishes that are most synonymous with Kona Grill are most likely the avocado egg rolls and the macadamia nut chicken. The avocado egg rolls are brimming with creamy avocado and the honey-cilantro dipping sauce is the sweet, delicious icing on the cake in this dish. The macadamia nut chicken, a longtime signature dish, features everything you could want in an entree: a variety of textures and flavors in a comforting yet unique dish. The crunchy nut-crusted chicken in placed on a heap of housemade mashed potatoes and sided with seasonal vegetables (roasted broccoli in this case). The shoyu cream sauce and pineapple-papaya marmalade really set off the dish with their bright, refreshing flavors.

Kona Grill also offers an impressive lineup of fresh sushi (the fish just arrived that day) that will appease sushi purists as well as more adventure-seeking eaters. The coconut shrimp roll is sweet and crunchy, with toasted macadamia nuts, mango, cucumber and a decadent rose nectar cream cheese. A perfect summertime sushi pick, the sunshine roll is simply yet splendid, thanks to spicy salmon and paper-thin shaved lemon placed on top of each piece.
And though dessert wasn’t in the cards for this lunch visit, next time, the passion fruit crème brûlée or key lime pie seem like just the thing to sweeten up these hot summer days.

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